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Tracey Loper
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Eyes of your Heart Activation (English)

Eyes of your Heart Activation (English)
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Hersteller: Tracey Loper
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Begründerin: Tracey Loper

Skript derzeit nur in englischer Sprache erhältlich!


The purpose of this activation is to give an opportunity to see with the "Eyes of Your Heart"….a completely different set of eyes that the Divine makes available to us. This activation will do a form of etheric surgery to open the eyes of the heart. Through this activation we will receive the spirit of wisdom and revelation. The Eyes of our heart will be enlightened in order that we will know the path to which the Divine has called us, receive the riches of our Divine inheritance and Hisgreat power within us so that we work with His power which has mightier strength and manifesting ability.

As a result we will utilize the attributes of the Divine that are a part of us already, develop more of theDivine nature, character, and experience the Divine’s presence within us in amighty way.  Any discouragement that wehave experienced in seeking our path of purpose, receiving our Divine inheritance or accessing the Divine Power to accomplish what we desire in ourheart of hearts will be removed. Confusion about our direction will leave us. Any desire to give up and go in the wrong direction will be removed.

Rather than experiencing discouragement we will be empowered to rejoice in the challenges we meet because these obstacles represent great lessons in our lives which produce higher outcomes and results. The loving Energy of the Divine will literally pour into our hearts bringing us the ability to continue on our path even when it is very difficult. Rather than looking at situations with our physical eyes we will be able to see through problems to solutions by using our Spiritual Eyes. As a result we will see past current vicissitudes in our life rising above earth bound concerns and limitations.

We will receive the riches of our glorious Divine inheritance because we will see beyond the current reality and into the spiritual reality where all things are possible, where there is unlimited potential, so that we create the reality we not only desire but are also ours by Divine right. Included in this is abundance in all areas of our lives from monetary and material abundance, to an abundance of loving relationships, true friendships and brotherhoods with our fellows and joys from following our path of purpose. The Activation will open a whole new world to us as we will begin to see through our spiritual eyes, the glory that is Heaven.