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About me

Manuela Marx

born June 11th 1974 in Brilon/Germany.


When I was a child, I often had dreams which turned out to come strangely true some time later or I learned in dreams about people and other things what was hidden to the normal eye, but still felt very true to me. I always wondered why I seemed to dream differently than most people I knew.  

When I was a young constructional drafting apprentice, I really wanted to know if “God” existed. The answer came to me unexpectedly in the form of a wild experience : I suddenly FELT with every cell of my being and KNEW that EVERYTHING was LOVE, everything was interconnected and everything was ONE. … I felt an unbearably strong, hot energy of LOVE in my body. I knew that this all-encompassing, unconditional LOVE was God. I felt ONE with everything for days to come and everything suddenly made new “sense” to me. I also had several mystical dreams explaining reality. After a few weeks, the euphoric feeling subsided, gradually. I was bound to find ways to feel this exquisite unconditional love again. Because it had felt so good, I wanted others to understand what I had sensed on so many levels. It would change the perception of every human being from unhappy and negative to loving, trusting and peaceful. If everyone would only understand this love and oneness, the world would be a better place.

So besides studying Architecture, I studied many religious, scientific and esoteric books.

After finding out about my true calling to help people understand this concept, I started my own business in 2002. This helped me greatly to stay connected with my heart’s desires.


Since then, I am successfully making a living as an energy healer, coach and teacher.  Over the course of these many years, I have learned dowsing, Feng Shui, energy healing techniques like Reiki (and 3000 other Reiki systems), Energy Grid Activations,  Matrix Energetics, CQM (Chinese Quantum method), Soul Body Fusion® and various One Command® workshops so I can always effectively re-connect with the knowing that I already knew.