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Info for students

 MY WORKING HOURS: My working hours for sending attunements and replying to emails are Monday - Friday from 9:30am 11:30am  and 9pm – 11pm CEST (Germany). In rare cases, I also pass attunements over the weekends.

DISTANT ATTUNEMENTS: Attunements will be sent to you at an appointed time and day or via the chi ball (call in) method. If multiple attunements are purchased and you would like them sent using the call in (chi ball) attunement method these will all be set up at the same time which will then give you the opportunity to individually accept them over a period of time. There must be a gap between the acceptance of any attunements as this will enable each energy to be assimilated into your consciousness. If you would prefer your attunement/attunemets to be sent at an appointed time and day I will only send 1 attunement per session. I recommend to accept no more than 1 attunement per day. When you are starting out receiving distant attunements, I recommend waiting for a much longer period in between attunements so the energies can be integrated more thoroughly – 21 days being the guiding line in this case. This applies to Reiki Masters with no experience in distant attunements as well.

PAYMENT METHODS: I accept payments through PayPal or in Europe through regular bank transfer using IBAN/ TAN numbers. Please email me at before purchasing your attunements so I can send you the correct details for your payment to be made.

EMAILS: All emails will be answered as soon as possible but if you have not heard from me within 24 hours please re-send your email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

CERTIFICATES: I only supply emailed certificates which are sent in PDF format. Printed certificates are no longer available. All certificates will only be sent upon request. Your lineages (as far as they are known to me – most are, but I offer a few attunements without lineages) will also appear on the bottom of every certificate that is sent. In case the lineages are very important to you, send me an email with your inquiry about the lineage availability to before your order.