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Cosmic Dragon Energy Reiki (English)

Cosmic Dragon Energy Reiki (English)
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Begründerin: Eileen (El) Brooks

Skript nur in englischer Sprache erhältlich.

As is the joy of transcending ego and embracing the consciousness of the higher self…. so the Cosmic Dragon shares it’s joy with us…. a transformational joy of ecliptic beauty and resonance…. where upon the darker aspects of the universe consume momentarily…. to abate and be engulfed in light…. This is a process of great harmony…. A visioning and transportation from the lower energies of self and matter… to the higher ethereal energies and centres that are governing the ascending Cosmos in all its forms…..his creation of total light out of light and darkness is indeed a giant leap of Faith….a creation of a force all knowing and omnipresent….. Eternal Light and Flame….. It is here the heart of the Cosmic Dragon resides….. surrounding and protecting the Eternal Flame of life…. igniting and creating an equilibrium…. a starting point…with no end to Life……
he Cosmic Dragon is the Eternal Flame…. burning bright.

Helps to love the darker aspects of the self.

Acceptance of self.