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Jalu Wasonoadi
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Inner Clarity (English)

Inner Clarity (English)
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Hersteller: Jalu Wasonoadi
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Begründer: Jalu Wasonoadi

Inner Clarity is a high vibrational energy system focused upon the maintenance of body, mind and spirit. Our energy system is alive and intelligent, when our energy system becomes disrupted, blocked or damaged in some way, messages are sent to us on a conscious level that something is wrong and needs to be addressed.

This is exactly where the Inner Clarity energy system comes into its own, once attuned you can activate the various aspects of this energetic maintenance system by a statement of intent, for your self and others, and these activations can also be used distantly in the healing of others.

These activations are as follows:

  • To manage Inner Clarity
  • Cleansing Repairment Program
  • Activating Repairment Program
  • Strengthening Repairment Program
  • The Self Energetic Development Program
  • Self Balancing
  • Self Synchronization